7 Better Hygiene Practices

Choosing to take care of yourself is a great way to express that you'd love to practice self-care. When we take care of our bodies and mind, we are upkeeping the very basic necessities that keep us afloat.

By doing so, there is more room for personal growth and developing a positive outlook on your sense of self and life. What are seven ways you can maintain a healthy hygiene?


Taking care of your body is a much needed practice. It doesn't just involve external routines such as going for long walks and having delicious meals. There's a lot one needs to consider when having a better hygienic routine set in place.

Better hygiene is good for babies, adults, kids, teens, seniors... it shouldn't be just limited to the stage of puberty you're at. There's lovely routines to follow for anyone at any age.

Hygiene or taking part in hygienic practices is the act of self-care for better health. Taking care of your hair, skin, nails, mind, and whole body contributes to these practices which better attribute to an overall healthy wellbeing.

It's a great thing to consider for yourself. Self-care is much needed for a healthier outlook on life. Hygiene isn't only limited to washing yourself, it can also be the act of grooming yourself by clipping your nails or brushing your hair for example.

People normally practice good hygiene in the comfort of their own homes. You can basically keep up with a good regimen anywhere you go, but if you're looking to get a thorough health routine going, then you might want to get a fresh start at home.

Your bathroom is a great place to pamper yourself. You can take care of your daily needs there when need be. People also like to look in a mirror when taking care of themselves, so practicing good hygiene can be done anywhere you have a mirror as well. That should do the trick!

Whenever you begin to notice that your body is emitting a strong odour, that's usually when it's time to start freshening up. It doesn't always have to be when you or others start to notice a smell though, it can pretty much be whenever you feel like you're in need of a great cleaning.

Usually, a good indicator is that you can see, feel, and smell your body and clothing become more "stale" as the time goes by. Perhaps things keep getting stuck under your nails or your scalp is itching... Taking part in good hygiene is always a great idea when you start to notice these things happening to your body.


It's good to take care of yourself because it not only keeps you safe and healthy but it also helps those around you feel comfortable when you're near. It can sustain your mood and make you happier overall when you're kept well maintained.

There are many methods you can follow for better self-care. Some of which are specific to a certain part of your body or others that are akin to the entire body.

There are plenty that also focus on your spiritual wellbeing as well because that's also a great part of taking care of yourself. In order to do it, you must stick to a regime that works best for you.

For now we will look at seven main ways to practice good hygiene.


So, hygiene isn't only limited to cleaning your body. However, cleaning yourself is a big part of it. Once you start a healthy regime, you'll begin to notice the many benefits of keeping clean and healthy. You'll most likely start to look and feel healthy as well.

Maintaining a proper grooming is also great for hygienic reasons. You can start at any time you feel like your body needs a proper grooming.


Cleaning yourself

1. Washing Your Hands

Keeping your hands clean as the day progresses is one great way to practice good hygiene. By keeping your hands clean, your hygiene improves because there are many things we do in a day that can cause our hands to get dirty. Having a regime set in place to make it a habit to wash your hands will get rid of any dirt build up regularly.

2. Taking a Shower or Bath

This is another great way to stay clean. Having a routine set in place for when you'd like to wash your entire body from head to toe is great self-care. Showers can be great for a quick cleaning if you are short on time or want a water massage from the hose and its settings. Having a bath is great for a self-care session; pampering and deep cleaning. You can soak yourself in some bath salts or balms.

3. Apply Serums

Did you know that your skin needs to be cleaned under the first layer as well? Overtime pours can become clogged and also, your skin may need to be exfoliated. Applying gentle chemical peels or exfoliating with a bath scrub every time you bathe can prove to be beneficial for your skin's health. Serums are a great way to improve the look, feel, and overall health of your skin.

Keeping well-groomed

4. Clip Your Nails

Clipping or filing your nails often is good hygiene as well. Dirt and food can easily get trapped under finger nails. Having long nails isn't particularly a bad thing. There are ways you can wash your nails and regularly groom them in order to prevent fungal infections and unhealthy growths like that. Filing is a great way to maintain the shape of your nails also.

5. Wipe Your Nose and Mouth

Regularly wiping your nose and mouth is great for personal hygiene. It's good to wipe your mouth after meals and whenever you notice saliva on your face. Things like talking can cause saliva to land on or around your mouth so its a good practice to wipe it even when you're not eating. The same goes for noses. Wiping your nose often is a good hygienic practice because it keeps excess mucus out. The benefit for you is better breathing as well.

6. Change Your Clothes Daily

Changing your clothes when they start to smell is nice for a good hygiene. Taking care of your wellbeing is easily done in this way. You can do laundry for a fresher set of clothes to put on.

Doing this regularly will be beneficial for smelling good, preventing bacteria from spreading on your attire, and feeling more comfortable in what you're wearing.

7. Brushing Your Hair

Making sure that your hair is in good condition is great for self-grooming. If you have hair, buying the right brush for your hair type will help you maintain a healthy mane. Even if you don't have hair, keeping your head clean will help your scalp stay healthy too.


So there you have it! Practicing a better hygiene doesn't have to be a strenuous task. You can break it up into a list of things to complete so that tackling it becomes an easier practice. Having a healthy body and keeping it well-maintained is good for self-care.

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