5 Better Self-Love Habits


Often-times we forget that love doesn't just need to be directed towards one another, but also, to ourselves.

It may sound a little conceited at first, but when you realize how important it is to really love yourself, it becomes clearer that it isn't always so conceited.

It's important to establish better ways to appreciate ourselves. In-turn this can boost our self-esteem and give us a better outlook on life.

What is self-love? How can we achieve this?


What is Self-Love?

Self-love is about the devotion to admire and appreciate oneself; It's the act of pampering and pleasing the needs of yourself. An example of this can be: painting your nails on a Tuesday and then repainting them at the salon instead the next day, because... why not!

It's the act of showing attention to the things your body and mind desires and completing tasks that meet your needs.

Self-Love vs. Narcissism

Is there a cross between narcissism and self-love? Some might say yes but it mostly relies on the amount and frequency of the love you give yourself. If we constantly parade ourselves with affection and pretend the whole world around us doesn't matter as much... narcissism is present there. However, if we relay this practice of attention and affection to ourselves moderately while still behaving with respect and acknowledgment towards others, then narcissism may not be present there.

So how can we achieve self-love effectively where we don't cross that line between care and narcissism?

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Five Better Self-Love Habits:

1. Preparatory Pampering

This means, instead of just blatantly showering yourself with love in front of everyone, prepare for the day or times you do this ahead of time. So that no one else has to see all that. The reason for this is because, a lot of people can be jealous or look at you with disdain when they acknowledge you've picked up a new "me me me" routine all for yourself. Doing it privately or less in the spotlight will help to create a barrier between "narcissism" and "devoted pampering".

That brings us to step two...

2. Devotion

Just like one would devote themselves to the love of their life, we must put this same effort into ourselves during this time of self-love. It can be hard to love ourselves on days we feel beneath everything around us so it's important to create a plan and stick to it. Love is a strong word, even when it comes to ourselves.

3. Planning Things

It's good to remember what exactly you want to give to yourself. Forgetfulness leads to frustration sometimes, so jotting the things you want to accomplish during your "me-time" can be a great upheaval for when the moment comes.

4. Acceptance

Now although, this may sound cliché, acceptance can also be a strong word in moments like this; when we really choose to love ourselves...

Being accepting of the potential failure that often comes along when we want to achieve a lot at once, will better prepare you for any negative emotions that can arise. Accepting that things don't always go to plan, will lead to a better outcome at the end of your time well spent.

5. Reflecting On the Moment

So the fifth step to better self-love habits is, self-reflection. Make it a habit to look back at everything you've done for yourself, and improve on the things that don't always go to plan. The next time you have a good time to yourself, you'll not only be better prepared but in a better spirit to accomplish it. Altogether, putting you in a brighter mood for this time to yourself!


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