How to Find Your Purpose in Life

Some days we wonder to ourselves, "what is my purpose in life?". Or "what am I meant to be?". It isn't abnormal to think that we are destined for something great in this world. In fact, you most likely have it within you to do great things from the moment you are born.

Our purpose doesn't even have to be anything extreme or rare to accomplish; you don't have to be the next pop star. Although it is always a good idea to dream big. Focus within the realm of what it is that you're good at and try to evolve from that point onward.


Anyone can find their purpose in life, it isn't just for a few people. As long as you want to achieve something in your life, you should be able to work towards it. You'd be surprised what you can accomplish!

Your purpose, in other words - a life-long dream and passion of yours - doesn't have to be limited to one thing. It can be multiple skills that you wish to make a living by doing them more often.

It's a burning desire that's often instilled within us from a young age. However, it can be multiple things we are good at. Our purpose can also develop as we get older based on our life experiences.

This blossoming passion comes from within. It can be a personality trait that makes us desire certain things or a genetic trait that makes us very good at certain things. It's mostly dependent on our genetics and our heart's desires combined.

For example, you might love to sing, but may not be great at it, which means this may not be your purpose in life but that shouldn't discourage you though. There are singing lessons out there for anyone to enjoy!

The time you realize you've found your main purpose in life can be when you've become an adult or even when you're a child. Most people realize what it is they want to be when they have grown into an adult. However, you could've found your passion as a child but then decided to go on a different road instead.

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You might be looking for a way to find your purpose as a means to find yourself and understand yourself more. A lot of people want to know what it is so that they can start to make a living with it.

It's also a great way to express ourselves and share our talents and skills with other people. Ultimately, human beings are born curious about ourselves and it's always a great idea to look into the deeper reason for our passions and talents.

So how can we better understand what our purpose is in life? Let's find out how.


In order to find out exactly what it is you're destined to be, you must know what you're good at and what you love to do. It will be more of an easy process to determine what your purpose in life is also if you have another opinion of your strengths from someone that knows you well enough.

Figuring it out usually comes along naturally and doesn't require much thought. It will feel as though you're only confirming what others have known and complimented you for. There's usually something that you're great at doing which others will agree that "you are meant for this".

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How to Find Your Purpose

1. Take Notice

You can begin by jotting down a list of things you're passionate about. Think of some things you really love to do; activities and skills that you have and would do all day long if you could.

Once you've established these skills that you're very passionate about, you can begin to act on them. Try doing them more often to better determine which one you love doing the most.

2. Get Another Opinion

Find someone close to you who can help you figure out what it is that you're great at. This doesn't just have to be limited to one person.

You can ask your friends, your relatives, your partner, it can be people that know you almost as much as you know yourself.

Asking someone else opens the door for judgment. This way, you're not just basing it off on what you think you're good at and love to do, but also what others believe you to be good at also.

If all of your opinions match up for the same list of things, then you may have found your calling.

3. Be the Judge

Now that you've officially found the answer to your burning questions, you can begin to reflect in order to fully determine if it's something you're meant to do or not. The final say is up to you in this case because it should be something you are comfortable doing.

Being the judge of what comes next in your life of purpose is a great new step in the direction of fulfilling your dreams. You can combine your passions, other opinions, and talents together to create your purpose in life.

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Once you've taken these steps to figure out your true purpose, you can apply these same steps to figure out another purpose of yours. There doesn't have to be just one. Many people have multiple things they're both great at and love to do!


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