How to Handle Betrayal


At the start of it all, here's what you might think:

You and your circles have a very close bond with each other. The generosity and complexity of your value for one another are blossoming. There is absolutely no reason for you to suspect that any of the ones you know and trust, would ever betray you. Ever.

These days you spend together, feel like bliss; They answer to your call, are there for you when you need them, and you're there for them also.

But what if, one day your group of friends started to form into an even bigger one, and it's not in a good way anymore. Rather, it's growing predominantly to be against you...

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When did this start happening and how do you combat it?

A loophole of distrust entered the scene and you feel like there's seemingly no way to bring yourself to full closure from these people. The confusion starts sinking in and you wonder why you even need the closure when just a moment ago, you were all great friends with each other.

Why did it all fall apart?

Were they preventing me from finding true friendship?

When did the circle seal?

When did the circle break?

How to deal with the betrayal.


Why Did It Fall Apart?

In the beginning, a sour friendship can feel like a real solid deal. It can force you to believe that you and your closest buddies are actually buddies. There won't really be a suspicion there. This is the start of something solid beginning to crumble.

When we fail to acknowledge a real friendship versus a faux friendship, we are setting ourselves up for betrayal (and so are they). The ones around you start to perceive you in a negative way once betrayal starts taking place.

If this is the case, it's important to sift-out who the culprit is for this, as they are most likely not going to stop spreading hate about you until you confront them. Even in some cases, they won't stop then either. If that's the case, luck is on your side, so let them face their karma.

It's good to know from the start of any friendship that (even though you're awesome!) not everyone is going to like you; We can't choose who does or doesn't.

*It's important to remember that real friends don't hold onto mistakes, they resolve them then and there, without escalating anything.*

Were They Holding You Back?

Were these people preventing you from finding the true friendship that you deserve? It's most-likely possible if they've proven themselves as untrustworthy...

Sometimes others get jealous for various reasons: you have a talent that they want but don't have, you have the luck that they don't have, you have money, you have friends, etc...

*People often play the blame-game when it comes to situations like this by creating an exaggerated problem out of you when there needn't be one.*

They are showing you and others that, "you don't deserve" what you have. It's jealousy at its cusp.

Also, it might not be only in one area of your life that they were holding you back - Someone who's really jealous will go far beyond just one way of getting to you. They will involve themselves in your personal life too!

In some cases, a person who is willing to pry into every little thing you do with your life is possibly not only jealous but also fond of you. Yikes!

When Did the Circle Seal?

In this tight-knit bond you had with your "circle" of friends, you may have come to notice that the circle shrunk tighter and tighter. There were no new friends coming in and none going out either.

After a while of this "shrinking", you may have realized that the circle is sealed and you no longer have any control over who you make friends with and who likes you as a person.

This is the product of a manipulative person that only wanted one thing out of you. (And possibly love too). It might sound odd but yes, in some cases, an insecure person finds truly odd and mysterious ways of pinning down the ones they fancy.

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When Did the Circle Break?

This goes without saying that, once the manipulative person had their way with you (or at least thought they did), they set you free. It's an unfair and unruly process but it does happen in life. Karma always sets you up for a better future even if you feel like it's never going to come. Just stay positive and let these bullies face the negative karma they'd put out into the world.

Your luck will start to change gradually as you get yourself back. When your life is leading you to a better place, it won't be hard to see it. Everything you work on and pour your mind and soul into will be able to bring you to a much happier and safer place in life.

How to Deal With the Betrayal

The answer to this is simple... don't seek vengeance. When someone takes advantage of you, there's a pleasant surprise waiting for you at the start of something new!

These people have proven to be beneath you for ganging-up on you in the first place. Who knows what they'll do to someone else in the future... It's not right what they did to you; reach out for guidance if you must. There are plenty of outreaches in our society that are geared and prepared for presumable times.

At this point, it's better to just stay away from the ones who make you feel uncomfortable. Your karma will soon begin to clear as life goes back to normal for you again.

The universe guides us through lessons in life. When we learn from these lessons, life may go back to the way it was before.

It might not feel like your life has improved at first, but it will, and when it does, hold on to that moment because it has great power to rejuvenate your happiness.



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