How to Heal a Broken Heart


So, you're #heartbroken...


Dealing with a breakup isn't easy for everyone. Let's be honest, a broken heart is hard to mend on our own sometimes.

It took a lot of raw and true emotion to make it throb passionately for what seemed to be infinity in one moment - then all of a sudden it was ripped apart untenderly...

It's important to remember that your world isn't falling apart and that this pain you may feel doesn't last forever unless you will it to. For pain like this, it's a mind over matter type of game one needs to play in their mind constantly until the pain subsides.

So how can this heart be mended? How will life ever go back to normal?

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How to Mend a Broken Heart

Maybe the universe decided your ex-lover needs more space to grow. Love doesn't just diminish into thin air... so no matter how mad they are, or how fed up they are with you, this person still loves you to some extent...

Once they've grown past this new phase in their life, who knows, they might start to have feelings that reciprocate yours again. If this is the case, then they'll come back to you and show it, but if not, just look for a buoy to get you back to shore. You deserve real love.


1. Focus on a New You

There's going to come a time when this person who's broken your heart looks back at the love you've shown them with regret that they've decided to leave you.

That's the plan for everyone who takes love for granted. Their karma is at play, just focus on getting yourself better! You've got this! By the time they've learned their lesson, you'll most likely already be with someone more special!

2. Practice Self-Care

Sometimes we get caught up in trying to be the best version of ourselves that fits into another person's lifestyle and not our own. We lose ourselves trying to help someone else grow. By doing this, your ex will look at you with less remorse because they see you doing anything for them which makes them believe that you don't value yourself enough.

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3. Stop Focusing on Them

Usually people leave you for someone who doesn't care about them as much, because it gives them the room they need to be their own support in their own life.

Luckily, this will give you both time to grow. Just be careful, because eventually, you and your ex might grow in different directions by that point... so don't dwell in the past, just keep working on a better you and if your paths align again, it was meant to be. If not, then not.

The worst thing would be just sitting back and watching your ex live their best life without you. So just keep focused on being happy in your life, and they might begin to feel like they need you back again.

Will life ever go back to normal?

The answer is yes! Life will go back to normal again once you start to really make it a habit to focus on yourself instead of your ex. You'll begin to feel like an improved version of yourself.

Some people tend to try and fix this pain of a heartbreak by replacing their lover with a new person. Although, it's really advisable to just focus on loving yourself during this period because it'll reflect on the way someone else will treat you in the future.

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Life goes back to normal when you become happy with the way your efforts of forgetting about this person have turned out. By putting your all - focusing your whole heart and mind into yourself, you'll generate a new sense of purpose, and almost entirely forget about the other person that you'd once loved instead.

Once you've finished healing, you can start to immerse yourself in a whole new world of dating.


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