Lift Your Chin Up, If Life Gets You Down


Sometimes we feel like life is weighing us down heavy...

as though there isn't much we can do about our circumstances or the ones who come into our lives and what they have to offer us. Although this is often true; about not being able to control what other people come into our lives to do, this feeling of being weighed down can seem more out of our control than it actually is. We can easily develop a want for self-awareness and achievement during those times.

Take the seldom junctures of life as a well-needed gap to self-reflect and evolve. This time could be useful for preparing yourself for the next chapter (or newly started chapter) of your life. A new form of your life is unfolding and an amazing journey awaits you whenever life brings you to a halt. Life creates these times and it's important to create a clear path for yourself to guide you along when the new door opens.

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It's when we decide to change ourselves, that life changes us and our circumstances.

Having moments where we feel like giving up, can most-likely lead us to a whole new beginning. People may start to change... you may notice that the things you do quite often are becoming boring... whatever the case is that is leading you to feel the pressure of life's ways, this can be a sign to start a fresh endeavor. And it's when we start to really flow in our new path life made for us, that doors begin to open up.

It's when we hold on longer than we should, that life starts to get harder...

and the people around us begin to treat us harsher. Don't give up when you feel the need to press onward, but also, don't keep trying to force a way where there isn't one. When life shuts a gate, it's almost always swift and final. Pressing through the closed pathway will only distract you from the one that's ready for you to walk through. Life begins to flow much better when we walk into the one that's ready for us.

We deserve a right to feel happy and free in our lives. Nobody should box us off or make us feel like there is no better world for us out there. Sometimes the people around us are holding us back from the way our life should be.

Whenever this happens, problems become worse, and it feels like there's no moving past it. The truth is, there is always a way past it, the confidence comes from within. Through every walk of life, we are thrown an angel to guide us.

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