Setting Short-Term Goals

Short-term goals are ideas that you wish to accomplish that aren't too far in scope. They are less of a hard achievement and can easily be done. You don't often need to plan a short-term goal as you would a long-term goal for example.

A short-term goal can be: going for a workout every morning or saving enough time to visit your piano lessons after class. While a long-term goal could be: starting your own coffee shop for example.


Anyone can set goals. As long as it's within the realm of what's appropriate for you and your age group, go for it! Achieving something shouldn't have to be limited to one type of person, you can go for what you believe in.

A goal is an idea that one has in mind. Like a plan that you may want to achieve within a certain timeframe. It can be a desirable outcome that you'd like to commit to so that it can get done.

Goals don't have to be something far from the present time. It can be a long-term goal, a mid-term goal, or a short-term goal. For now, let's take a closer look at short-term goals.

You can begin setting goals in the comfort of your own home. It's good to choose a quiet place to take notes and really think about what it is you wish to achieve. But by doing this, you can work with a clear conscience free of distractions.

You may also wish to set goals with others, therefore, a group setting would do the trick also. It's really a question of "what goal am I trying to set?". Is it a goal you'd like to achieve on your own or with others? This will better determine where it is that you will start to set this goal.

This can take place at any time. Usually, we think of doing something that has an end result to it when we're excited about something or when we are longing to act on a plan that has an end result. You can start setting goals when they feel right for you.

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Setting a goal or multiple goals is a great way of keeping on track. You can better time yourself and make a plan of action that will lead you to your end result. By planning things out, you're making room for a more thought-out way of accurately coming to the final goal.

You can find resources if need be, you can find people, choose the next steps, and more. Setting goals makes getting to your achievements a more organized process.

There are many methods one can approach to set the right goal for themselves. How do we set goals?


Since we're focusing more on creating short-term/medium goals, we can start small. It doesn't have to be a large plan of action, it can be something or a couple of things that you want to give a try.

By the end of the steps you take, you'll hopefully have a better understanding of what it is you want to achieve. This is great because then you'll be able to accomplish it much faster with this plan in place. You can stay more organized and focus on the end result.

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How to Set Your Goals

Start Small

When planning your goals, it's a good practice to not get ahead of yourself. Your dreams can be big, but the beginning of a short-term goal should be a bite-size amount of what the end goal is.

Dream Big

Start small but dream big. It's a good idea to take it to step by step when accomplishing something that is measurable.

The more you elaborate on what it is you want, the more you can accomplish. By dreaming big, you open the door for more aspirations to come along the way. This is a great way to stay in-tune with what your mind desires. Dreaming and setting goals is also a great way to care for your needs.

Make Notes

Finding the best resources available for you will be useful to make note of. You can also take note of the steps you'd like to take when reaching your goal. Creating notes of each step will ensure that you can keep track of everything along the way, which will aid you in accomplishing your goal swiftly.

Step By Step

Now that you've made a plan of action, deciphered what your goal is, and made the necessary notes for your goal, you can now begin to do these things you have written down. Your list can include an ordered fashion of what it takes to make it happen.

For example, if your short-term goal was to make eggs, but not just any eggs, a decadent omelet you've never tried before - You'd start by getting eggs, then finding the one you'd like to make, then finding the ingredients, and then making note of the steps you'd need to take to make the omelet. Next, start cooking! Pretty soon you'll have the decadent omelet you've decided to have.

So a goal doesn't have to be an idea that's out of the ordinary, it can be something achievable within a short period of time. Anything that can be accomplished by following a plan of action can also be considered a goal. The steps you take to accomplish it will guide you swiftly to the final result.


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