How to Handle Hate From Others, A.R.T.


Often we wonder...

Why do people hate me?

Even though there are many people who don't hate you, it may seem as though the whole world actually does hate you at times. The worst days begin to feel even more-so and the intense verb comes to mind as a result of this newfound "unwanted" feeling. We begin to idolize the concept of making friends with ease and succumb to the realization that - we are hated by many.

But how did this come about? Surely we weren't always this hated... not to this extreme!

Ask yourself: Am I being hated because of my lack of self-love?

Sometimes we emit a negative energy onto people and push them away. Other times, we love ourselves to a point where it reaches a level of toxicity. Loving yourself is important, but if it gets to a point where others around you can't stand how individualistic you are, they will gossip and mock you. This can also lead to hatred from others as well.

It's time we take a closer look at the ultimate reason people hate someone else. It can be a group that hates one target or a set of targets, or, it can be one person against another. In this case, that person may be yourself or someone you know. Regardless of who it is, there is a way we can better understand where this hate stems from and how to better prevent it in the future.





Take Action



When was the last time you felt like people hated you? Perhaps it felt like it just started at random and that the rest of the following events that took place after that was fast and out of your control. For example, when the hatred started you may've felt overwhelmed. The next thing you might've noticed could've been: realizing that nobody likes something about you all of a sudden. Then, for example, the next thing you noticed could've been a slew of negative emotions spewed at you from people.

Well, let's apply this to the present time. Think of someone or multiple people who are treating you with less respect lately. Focus on what makes them tick when you're around them. Is it the things you say? Or perhaps the way you act? Think about the things you share in common and determine if the hatred is stemming from jealousy on their part (they believe you do things better than them) or vengeance (they are mad at you for something you did to them)… or both.

When analyzing the person you suspect to be a hater, think of what it is that causes them to spread this hatred. Find the source of the gossip.


If you feel like this hatred is stemming from jealousy, you may have a huge problem to take care of because jealous people don't always let-up easily and they'll most-likely include others in the mix. *But don't worry yourself too much, there are professionals in our society who are well prepared to help you cope with and safely manage stressful occurrences like these.* Realize who this person is that started to target you and address them, apologize if needed, but also, separate yourself from them in any way possible! Staying in their "reach" can make you an easily accessible target for them to destroy with their behaviour towards you. They may spread hate in your presence or behind your back. This is why it's important to distance yourself from them and reach out for help as soon as possible.

Take Action

On the notion of reaching out and separating yourself from the root of all hate, you need to establish a plan to get yourself situated elsewhere. Since you've now identified who this person is (people are), you can begin to avoid them. Finding somewhere safer for you will benefit you in the long-run and hopefully help you to avoid the overwhelming feeling of being hated by everyone around you. Whether it be: verbal attacks at you, gossip, physical attacks, stalking, etc., avoiding situations like this and taking action soon enough will be more beneficial to your future and your reputation. Don't hesitate to A.R.T..


Why Do They Hate?

At The Ultra Post, we love to express how important it is to love yourself. Self-love is a big part of who we are as individuals in this world and it shapes our day-to-day experiences with others. Ultimately, people hate others based on the level of self-love you emit and possess; When others see you shining, it influences them to want to do the same. Establishing the A.R.T. process will help you to evaluate whether the haters feel inspired by you, or if they maybe don't like you but like the things you do; acting out of jealousy towards you.

If these feelings of being backed into a corner are hard for you to manage, we encourage you to seek help so you can better manage the stress that comes with being bullied by those around you with the help of someone professional. There is also the forum where you can discuss certain things that are on your mind with others in The Ultra Community.

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