What Does Fashion Faux Pas Mean?

In depth, a fashion faux pas is the act of producing an aesthetically pleasing outfit or arrangement of fabrics and or accessories that don't present themselves well enough together.

When we say "faux pas" this means "stumble" or "misstep". It is the derivative of the French language.

But it's not just about understanding the word misstep, it's processing where this unfortunate faux pas came from or how it's being displayed. For example: a skirt that's too long for the jacket, or, a sweater on top of a coat; more elaborately speaking.

What does one do to create a fashion faux pas? How can it be avoided?


What Makes It a Fashion Faux Pas?

Generally, a designer goes to school or studies fashion in order to know the best combinations of fabric and how to create the best look. There's a lot of colour and design in fashion so when somebody puts together a solid looking outfit, that's usually based on how well the shades, textures and patterns fit together.

How Can a Faux Pas Be Avoided?

Try to incorporate matching similar shades and textures in your outfit for a better result. Also, having a standout texture - like a fuzzy sweater for example, can create a more statement fashionable look.


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