Where Was Your Speech Then?


When I had no voice, yet I was crying out,

Where was your speech then?

When the pain from falling down over and over again hurt me,

Where were your helping hands?

It's now that I've left,

You took the time to regret.

God grants the wishes of the ones who are still here,

but have never met.

You thought my life was ending,

But it was the miracle heaven sent, for my future that is just unfolding.



This poem is about someone who'd been unrightfully bullied in college by everyone they trusted.

Everything the bully victim said to their closest friends was being relayed onto other people unknowingly.

It got to the point where, this rumour was so bad that, the victim had to leave school to peruse their dreams elsewhere.

The bullying took place for this persons differences. There is no just reason for someone to be bullied for having darker skin.

When people choose to bully others, it creates a false perception of that person to other people. Someone can easily tell a rumour that spreads. It's important to stay true to yourself and know the difference between, a good genuine person and friend, and someone who isn't to be trusted.

Often times we wonder how a simple lie can create a blunder; it's not up to us to decide who's ears meet this lie next, or who's eyes see the fault in a bully's ways.

Stand up for those who are being bullied as you have more of the privilege to do something to stop it.

In the midst of speaking up about a rumour you've heard, you might just, most-likely will, save a pure-hearted life.

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