Your Light Will Shine Again

There's a better feeling than happiness.

On those days where life just feels the brightest it's ever been for you and the whole world stops turning an infinite amount around you - you can dance! You can sing! You can walk miles and miles just to buy a pair of shoes!

What is this feeling?

How can you make it happen again?

This lovely feeling is called joy - and sometimes overzealous...

But some days, joy doesn't always come around, and it may feel as though life's tasks and people are spinning in circles around you faster than you can keep up with.

Some days, it can be hard to feel that joy and purpose in life.

Don't worry though, as these times do pass. You do have a purpose in life and you most-likely already know what it is.

How Can You Make It Happen Again?

Think back to what made you smile the most during times of doubt. At that moment, that inspiration or motivation was the key to your happiness.

What Did You Do While Feeling Happy?

Notice that when you are happy, you may begin to continue a chain of habits thereafter your initial spark that keeps the ball rolling. For example, you might watch your favourite show over and over again, you might visit your favourite pet shop in town to see Betty Suzy, you may hop on a train to your favourite city and spend the day.

It's habits like these that create an ongoing fulfillment of happiness. It's also during continuous elated secretions like these that we begin to feel joy.

So... on those days when it feels like all you can do is stare out the window and pray for life to ease up on you, always reflect back on those times you were happy and focus - narrow in on those times. These moments are what can help you get the ball rolling again. Don't stop feeling that happiness once it's there; your light will always have a way to shine bright again; your purpose, along with it.


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